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Robert Mills Architectural Antiques

Antique High Panelling

Panelled rooms and runs of panelling Short runs and odd sections

Antique high panelling, particularly in hardwoods such as oak and mahogany, can add warmth and elegance to the walls of larger rooms. Panelling or wainscoting (wainscot panels) first begun to be used in England in the medieval period as a way of making homes warmer and tidier and became more of a decorative fitting as time progressed. Full height antique panelling brings a handsome aesthetic to formal rooms in stately homes or public restaurants and a warm comfort to pubs and members’ clubs. Our antique panelling stock can range from Tudor and Jacobean oak with their smaller squares design – plain or with decorative geometric patterns – through the larger panels of the Georgian period, often painted, the gothic revival of the Victorians to the sleek lines of Art Deco. If you cannot find the reclaimed panelling you need on our website, please do let us know as we may have it or can try to source it for you.



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