Do you want to be a food delivery driver?

Will you be delivering food, using a car, motorbike, scooter or moped? in that case you probably know by now that you need special insurance for it – but you certainly do not want to pay too much for it!

How can I get insurance?

There are various ways in which you can get this cover; and which one suits you the best depends on several factors, but which ever one you go for we are confident that we can get it for you at a price that is at least no more than, and probably a lot less than, anyone else!

Click here for more details on how to get affordable insurance for food deliveries.

Why do you think you can be cheaper?

Most of the people advertising fast-food insurance are either insurers themselves or brokers. If they are insurers you will have a choice of their product –full stop. There may well be other choices available but they are hardly likely to tell you about them.

If they are brokers they will have contracts with a fairly small number of insurers; so you will have more choices, but we reckon we have a better way!

Our colleagues at Prudent Plus are neither brokers nor insurers. they are instead a comparison service with a large panel of brokers on their books. This means they can probably arrange for you to get highly competitive quotations indeed!

What type of options do I have for insurance?

There are three basically. These are to add cover for delivering food to your existing policy; by what is called a 'top up' to sit on top of your existing policy; or scrapped your existing policy completely and get a new one which covers your usual day-to-day driving as well as food deliveries. Let's look at the pros and cons of these.

Adding cover to your existing policy

Simple. Ring up your existing insurer and ask them if they will add a clause to your cover note to let you carry goods; specifically hot food. it is highly likely that they will say no; but it is worth a try.

Buy a 'top up' policy

This is a very popular way of doing it but there is a snag; your existing insurer may not be at all happy about this. The problem is that car insurers who serve the mass-market, rather than the specialist one, limit their policies to people driving socially, domestically and for pleasure. any usage outside this, particularly the carriage of goods for hire or reward, is strictly forbidden and could invalidate your insurance policy even whilst you are not carrying goods.

ome insurers of course are content to allow this although they may charge an extra premium themselves. However it is absolutely essential that they are informed of what is going on, because failing to tell them would be a material breach of the terms of your insurance agreement.

Scrap your existing policy and buy a new one

This may sound like a drastic move because you will probably be involved in cancellation costs but it may be the only choice you have if your existing insurance company raises any objections to you doing work of this kind, whilst they have a policy of insurance issued to you.

So how do you choose?

That's an easy one. fill in an enquiry form and you will be contacted with quotations to compare by a qualified person who is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority and who can advise you on the best way of staying legal, staying properly insured, and spending as little money as possible!