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Robert Mills Architectural Antiques


"Wine glass" or "tub" type Rostrum type Miscellaneous

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Robert Mills Architectural and Decorative Antiques is one of the largest suppliers of antique, reclaimed and salvaged church antiques in Europe.  We always have in stock a large choice of reclaimed, salvaged and antique pulpits.  Pulpits come in a variety of types of wood, stone, marble, brass and iron; the most common wooden pulpits we manage to salvage come in pitch pine, pine and oak with mahogany and other woods making an occasional appearance.  Pulpits also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  We usually have in stock the wine glass or tub type pulpit, (these can be round, square, hexagonal or octagonal) which will often have a stairs to one side or can be built around a column at the start of the nave.  We reclaim smaller pulpit fronts and larger rostrums or rostrum pulpits (more often from Methodist or Non-Conformist churches, a wider centrepiece structure, often with steps to one or both sides and an Elders’ seat in front).  As well as material, styles vary.  The most common pulpit style we reclaim is gothic (most of our church reclamation is salvaged from Victorian churches and so is of the fashion in those days for the Gothic Revival).  We also usually have pulpits is stock of Romanesque, Neo-Norman and Classical.  We are the largest supplier of antique and reclaimed ecclesiastical furnishings, fixtures and fittings and church furniture in Great Britain and have a reputation for being the largest supplier of Gothic in Great Britain, if not Europe as well.  Victorian Oak Gothic Pulpit

A pulpit (from Latin pulpitum "scaffold", "platform", "stage") is a small elevated platform where a member of the clergy stands in order to read the Gospel lesson and deliver a sermon.  In many Christian churches, there are two speaker’s stands in the front of the church. Typically, the one on the left (as viewed by the congregation) is called the pulpit. Since the Gospel lesson is often read from the pulpit, the pulpit side of the church is sometimes called the gospel side.  The other speaker's stand, usually on the right (as viewed by the congregation), is known as the lectern. The word lectern comes from the Latin word meaning "to read", because the lectern primarily functions as a reading stand. It is typically used by lay people to read the scripture lessons (except for the Gospel lesson), to lead the congregation in prayer, and to make announcements. Because the epistle lesson is usually read from the lectern, the lectern side of the church is sometimes called the epistle side.  However, in many Protestant churches the arrangement is completely different. In traditional churches, the pulpit stands squarely in the center of the platform, and is generally the largest piece of church furniture. This is to symbolize the proclamation of the Word of God as the central focus of the weekly service.

Amongst our wide range of reclaimed and salvaged antique church and ecclesiastical fittings we hold pulpits, lecterns, prayer desks and credence tables and prie dieux, single pews, sets of pews (resized to requirements), choir pews, choir stalls, choir fronts and frontals, clergy chairs and seats, thrones and bishops’ thrones, chapel chairs and church chairs, altars and reredos, brass crucifixes and crosses and altar sets, paschal candlesticks, religious statues, church brassware, communion tables, church lighting, organ fronts and more.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please let us know.


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