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Robert Mills Architectural Antiques

Bars & Counters

Original pub bars Bank counters & shop counters Gallery fronts & choir fronts

Our opening times are Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm and weekends by appointment 



Bars and Counters
Robert Mills Architectural and Decorative Antiques (reclamation and salvage) always has in stock a wide range of antique and reclaimed pub bar fronts, bar front materials and other old, antique and salvaged bar fittings.  In fact, we are one of the first ports of call for much of the UK, Irish and European pub, bar and hotel industries for unique bar fittings.  We are one of the largest high quality reclamation specialists and suppliers of fine architectural antiques and salvage in the UK.

As well as reclaimed pub items, we can make bespoke pub and bar and café fittings from original, reclaimed items.  If you would like help with your designs then please get in touch and we can come up with ideas for adapting our antique and reclaimed items for your particular needs.

Our reclaimed counters, antique bars and pub bar front panelling are salvaged from various locations including commercial refurbishment projects, Victorian gin palace style pubs and public buildings awaiting demolition.  Often we manage to save the material at the very last minute before it goes to landfill or the bonfire.  Along with counters we salvage other shop fittings including chemist cabinets, Irish grocery units, Victorian display cabinets and shelving units and often have in stock a wide range of pub stuff, including pub tables, bar stools, pub decoration etc..

Bar fronts were often made from pine with mahogany tops but mahogany and oak bars and bar fronts do sometimes become available.  Styles and designs greatly vary from simple square panels to elaborately carved embellishments such as corbels and pilasters.